There's a smarter way to save for retirement

Escalon has partnered with Access Retirement Solutions to offer clients a simple, affordable way to save for retirement. Pooled employer plans, or PEPs, are a new type of 401(k) structure that allow unrelated employers to join the same retirement plan arrangement. PEPs leverage the group’s collective buying power to negotiate better pricing on investments and administrative services, giving you a large-company-quality retirement plan at a price any business can afford.


The future of retirement plans, powered by Access

Taking advantage of a PEP’s competitive pricing and administrative efficiencies doesn’t mean you have to settle for a one-size-fits-all plan. Access offers a variety of flexible plan design options that meet the needs of most organizations, as well as a fully custom option, ensuring that every participating employer has a plan that’s tailor-made to their unique needs and business goals.

In addition, employers who don’t currently offer a plan could be eligible for up to $16,500 in tax credits to help offset, or in some even cases eliminate, plan startup costs.

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About Access Retirement Solutions

Access Retirement Solutions was founded in 2020 to deliver affordable, best-in-class retirement plan solutions to employers of all sizes. Access’ unconflicted model leverages the new pooled employer plan structure to significantly reduce the cost, workload and liability of offering a 401(k) benefit, all while providing unmatched service and transparency.

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